To best serve our clients’ needs and requirements, LibertyRoad offers two crypto investment strategies.

Active Treasury Covered Call (CC) & Covered Put (CP)

Low-Risk strategy that combines Covered Call (CC) and Covered Put (CP) methods, for BTC volatility analysis. Allocation shifts based on market conditions, with risk carefully managed, capped at 1:1 leverage, and strict limits.

Active Treasury 3X

Low-risk strategy that leverages AI and ML to target sub-15% annualised volatility and a Sharpe Ratio of 2+. It actively navigates the Bitcoin volatility landscape, contrasting traditional approaches with a higher entry threshold, supported by over 90% successful AI backtesting, and a unique volatility objective.

Earn, Accumulate, Invest, Diversify

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BTC Active Treasury CC & CP
BTC Active Treasury 3X

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