Digital Asset Management

Adding Yield to Your BTC or ETH holdings

Passive Bitcoin/Ethereum held on balance sheets by investors provides little to no yield enhancement. LibertyRoad addresses this problem by trading and arbitraging the BTC/ETH volatility surface to provide significant additional returns.

Achieve your goals easier than ever before. LibertyRoad offers a suite of products that provide returns that are significantly higher than those provided by staking or repoing. The product range we provide varies from 100% Principal Protected Notes right through to Alpha Volatility trading.

Covered Call strategy

Uses an AI program that analyses and maximises the risk premium by selling calls at the peaks on the volatility surface. Zero leverage and USD principal  100% protected

Negative Gamma

Up to 3x leverage, trading the BTC/ETH volatility surface with a directional bias depending on fundamental blockchain analysis and technical indicators

Volatility Trading

Buys and sells BTC/ETH calls and puts, arbitrages the volatility surface, arbitrages across products. Risk is actively managed and delta hedging is employed


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